Why should you vote for Karen Trujillo?


I have been an educator in New Mexico for 25 years. As a teacher I was able to write grants for playgrounds,  graphing calculators, computers, and professional development for other teachers. I have taught math, government, world history and GRADS at the high school level and Equity in Math Education and various technology courses at the college level. I believe that EVERY child in Dona Ana County should have access to a quality education from birth to work. I support access to early childhood education, community schools from PK-12, equal access to Dual Credit, providing transition to work and post-secondary training, and learning experiences where high school and college students have internships where they gain valuable skills on the job. I would also like to see a teacher recognition program through the county where we honor the amazing educators in our communities.  


As your County Commissioner, I will work with the schools, NMSU, nonprofits, and other elected officials to support the students and teachers throughout the county.


I believe that residents throughout Dona Ana County should have access to public transportation, safe roads and a plan maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure to support all of our communities. This requires coordinating with Las Cruces, incorporated areas, unincorporated areas, the state legislature, the governor, and our congressional delegation to access funds to serve the needs of our residents in the areas of transportation, infrastructure and housing.

As your County Commissioner, I will work with other elected officials to access the funds necessary extend public transportation throughout the county and beyond. I will also work with other elected officials to plan for the inevitable growth in our region.


The Dona Ana Health and Human Services Department plays a crucial role in providing much needed services to our most vulnerable residents. The employees and volunteers do an exceptional job of providing education and services for mental health, teen pregnancy, and healthy habits. These amazing people work hand in hand with non profits and medical professionals to serve the people in our county.

As your County Commissioner, I will support the dedicated staff of this important division as they continue to advocate for the health and well-being of all of our county residents.


Dona Ana County is an amazing place to live. The Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument is an asset. We have so many amazing things to offer residents and visitors. I also understand the importance of maintaining the viability of our agricultural economy and a viable water management plan for the future. As one of the largest producers of chile, pecans, milk and other product, we have to respect our farmers and what they bring to our unique way of life. We are also perfectly situated for researching, producing and using renewable energy sources. 

As your County Commissioner I will support The Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument and the exploration and use of renewable energy sources. I will also support our farmers as they navigate the delicate balance of labor, water, land and weather. 


I understand how important it is to respect all of our residents regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status or level of education. All people deserve to be treated with dignity. 


As your County Commissioner I will treat my colleagues and my constituents with dignity. I promise to be accessible, responsive and respectful. 


As a mother of three, I don't want my children to leave Dona Ana County. I want each of them to live here to raise the 7th generation of our family in Southern New Mexico. In order for that to happen, they need to have access to high quality PreK-12 education, and post-secondary education at DACC, NMSU and The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am a proud graduate of NMSU, as are my parents, my husband, my oldest daughter and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. My son will also be an Aggie in the fall.


In addition to education, we need to foster an atmosphere that supports good paying jobs in all sectors of our economy including agriculture, military, medicine, education, social services, public service, environmental tourism, retail and law enforcement. I understand the importance of sustainable economic development and I know that we have the capacity within our county to develop a plan that will serve everyone in our border region. This is an exciting time to be part of the conversation.

As your County Commissioner I will work with all stakeholders to develop a viable plan for sustainable economic development. 


It is important to foster an atmosphere of cooperation while at the same time respecting the dignity of all residents i. It is important for the community to have trust in their local law enforcement agencies so that they feel safe to call for help when they are in need. It is also important to treat those who are incarcerated with dignity. Once these individuals serve their debt to society, they will re-enter our communities. It is important that we prepare them for this transition so that they can become productive members of society. I also support the continued professionalization of the fire departments throughout the county. It is important for all public service agencies to work together to serve our residents. 

As your County Commissioner I will support the members of our law enforcement community and firefighters so that they receive the resources they need to make our communities safe, while at the same time respecting the dignity of all of the people who call Dona Ana County home. 

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